We have in-house facility for complete manufacturing of Rotor  Shafts.

Services Overview

We Manufacture 3 types of Rotor shafts.

Welded Shafts

Welding of the Ribs/ blades is done using SAW welding method, We have qualified welders & fitter for welding of the shafts. All the welders are approved by welding agencies which certify them on yearly basis.

—We have in house testing facility for Weld Joints & We do also recruit Third party Inspection Agencies for testing of weld joints.

Carved Shafts

For these Type of Rotor shafts the Ribs/ Blades are Milled /Machined from a solid forging. No welding is used in this shafts.

Plain Shafts

—This Type of shaft are mainly used for Lt motors, This Type of  Rotor Shafts do not have ribs.

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